Is your brand telling a powerful story?

Brand storytelling has become a strategic priority for many businesses today. Stories break through the noise, personalize your brand, and create a powerful emotional bond with your audience.

However, few copywriters know how to seamlessly weave classic storytelling techniques with the latest marketing tactics to create story-driven copy that is compelling and convincing. That’s why you should choose Magpie Copywriting to write your story.

Hi, I’m Mark Soroka, owner of Magpie Copywriting. I’m a Pittsburgh-based copywriter who works with B2B and B2C clients. What makes me different is my unique approach to copywriting. I leverage my extensive experience writing copy, fiction, and scripts to create powerful marketing stories that engage audiences on a much deeper level and move them to take action.

Whether you are trying to sell, persuade, motivate, or build desire, I can improve your marketing results with expert storytelling.

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